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Inca Heartland (5 days)
In the Footsteps of the Incas (8 days)
Exploring the Andes (11 days)
Andes to Amazon (12 days)
Pacific to Andes (13 days)
Amazon, Andes, Pacific (17 days)
Ancient Civilizations (24 days)
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
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We offer quality vacation packages and custom-made tours at reasonable prices. With our website we want to help you create your perfect holiday itinerary to Peru. We offer everything from comprehensive tours of Peru for groups to individual specialist programs. At Andean Travel Peru, we place an emphasis on appealing to visitors who seek quality travel, while upholding the principles of responsible tourism in our relationships with local culture and the natural world.


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"On behalf of our group we would like to thank your organization for all the hard work plus the extra time which was taken to care for all our needs. We were treated like family... "
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George Rivera – United States (April 2007)
When we think of the Andes, we think of snow-covered peaks and the archaeological remains of the Inca culture. In fact, the Andes form the backbone of a region of unparalleled contrasts.
But Peru is also the gateway to the most pristine wilderness destinations on the planet, from its Pacific wildlife reserves and mountainous national parks to the unmatched biodiversity of its Amazon forests.
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